More than 15 years of experience in tourism in the Pantanal
Come live this adventure with us!
The fishiest region of the Pantanal
awaits you!
Luxury and tradition are found in all of our
accommodation structures in the Pantanal.
Brazil Pesca Tur
The Pantanal like you've never seen it!
The best fishing itinerary
in the largest jaguar observatory on the planet!
The Pantanal belongs to all of us
The more people know about the Pantanal,
the more protected it is.
Packages for groups of friends, family and couples
Come and discover this paradise
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Brazil Pesca Tur

Who We Are

Brazil Pesca Tur

With more than 18 years of experience in the Fishing Tourism and Ecotourism segment in Pantanal Mato Grosso, we are always looking for the best for your comfort, safety and, above all, providing the best of the flavors and colors of this land.
We are now one of the largest tourist groups in the Pantanal, and we are proud to have the best onboard service in the region.
All this with a lot of work, training and respect for the environment. The passion for this paradise is our biggest differentiator. Come and experience the Pantanal with those who understand the subject. Come fish with Grupo Brasil Pesca Tur.

The Best Structures in the Swamp

Discover our luxury Boat Hotels and Inns
for a memorable stay!


Shared Experiences

João Batista
Great service, everything done safely and quickly.
Felipe Fonseca
Great travel packages! Amazing service and accommodation!
Roberto Oliveira
Personalized service and extremely complete services! I recommend!
Camila Ferreira
Amazing tours through the Pantanal! Complete package completely complete with everything we need!


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